Saturday 30 November 2013

Online Course about Al-Aqsa on Rwaq

I have come across the site Rwaq رواق: - a new Arabic e-learning portal but with better [actually very good!] standards and quality this time! There are only a few published courses so far, but they are very promising and maybe we can say at last we have a good Arabic e-learning portal.

The first course that got my attention and made me enroll at once is مدخل إلى دراسات بيت المقدس - a course about Al-Aqsa mosque in Palestine. I didn't even know that there was a specialization and a science dedicated to Al-Aqsa mosque! But after the first lecture, I was truly amazed and realized that there is so much that we do not know about the mosque, and that we believe in many stories and sayings about it as if they were facts, while in reality they are mere lies! Even its location, its image, we do not know those correctly, I'm telling you :)
From the place, the boundaries, the name, not ending at the people, the invaders, and importance of Al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem city. I believe the course is an excellent start, as  it is very crucial that we educate ourselves more on the topic. Thus I urge you to join the course, watch the lectures, and judge for yourself!

The course can be found on: - please note that you need to sign up and enroll in the course to view its content [and it is totally worth it! Plus, it is free :)]


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