Thursday 5 June 2014

Must-Have Tools for Developers

[As seen here].

As developers, our laptops and PC’s tend to be somehow “different”. We love to load them with tools and apps that we use to make our job easier. One for writing and editing code, another for analyzing performance, some personal apps, and the list goes on..

Of course, those tools differ from one developer to the other. But for a start, here’s an intriguing collection of tools and apps that every developer should have a look at: Part I | Part II.

There are tools for Windows, Online Meetings, Development, Source Control, Database, Time Management, and some more.

Most of the tools here are open-source; which means that you can download and start using them for free. So go surf through the list, give your machine that nerdy look, and post your own additions and favorites in here!


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