Friday 2 March 2018

HBR's 10 Must Reads 2018

[As see here].

This is a very insightful and useful series! I have challenged the idea of "reading about business" for a while; but every HBR publication I read shifts this thinking a bit.

I liked this book because it doesn't specialize in one topic, it picks your mind on different ideas from different areas that are very new and amazingly relevant.

Was it right of Instagram to change their logo? Would you make the same decision given the same data if you were to make the decision once again? Everyone can make charts now; is this all there is to data visualization? Is it too soon to worry about disruptive tech? Is there a better health insurance system that can actually work for everyone? Shall we evaluate employees based on their past performance or push them beyond their potential in the future? Should we evaluate them "formally" at all? Why do we like subordinates who tell us what we like to hear? Do we allow them to challenge our ideas and decisions? Are formal diversity programs necessary? Then, why is it that our orgs are still not "diverse enough"? Why did Trump win the elections by speaking economics? Shall I care about Bitcoin and Blockchain? How can I invest in an effective R&D strategy that launches actual products in the market?

I highly recommend this read for leaders, employees, and innovators alike. I would also like to meet Bob Langer one day!


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