Tuesday 10 July 2018

On the Road

<< Lyft Driver Paul; moved to Seattle 14 years back >>
- Paul: Amazon Doppler is the most famous building in Downtown Seattle these days!
- Diana: Yeah?
- Paul: Yes! I know all of them: Doppler, Day One, Houdini, Ruby, .. I know every Amazon building; I used to live in an Amazon building until Amazon kicked me out of it.
- Diana: Amazon kicked you out?
- Paul: They kicked everyone out and demolished every building in this city to build more buildings for the company.
- Diana: Oh?
- Paul: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Expedia, Apple.. They're all competing, building new HQs, and expanding their empires in this city. I never saw a city that lets tech companies own more than 80% of its real estate. Seattle does!
*Rest of the conversation removed on purpose*.


<< Uber Driver Moses from Uganda; moved to Seattle 6 years back >> 
- Moses: I didn't know "Diana" was a Muslim name too. 
- Diana: Well, I don't think of it as a Muslim or Christian name; it's just a name.
- Moses: You know, I am Christian and I don't want to live in this city anymore. This city is not for Muslims or Christians; it's just for the "free". They call themselves free, but this is not freedom. 
- Diana: Oh? Who are "they"?
- Moses: People who live in this city. They want to do everything, they don't think. You see, they celebrate a Pride Parade this week; a man marrying a man? Call me conservative, call me crazy, but I just cannot accept this. And, it's not in the Bible; it's just not ok.
- Diana: *Awkward silence*.
- Moses: It's not ok in Islam either! No one should accept this. I am in Seattle just to make money. I will go back to Uganda soon. I cannot live with the "free" people here.
*Rest of the conversation removed on purpose*.


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