Saturday 12 April 2014

Cisco CSR Wrote an Impact Story about me! Gender Equality in ICT in Jordan

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As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program, Cisco and UN Women partnered with the Jordan government to launch the Achieving Equality in the ICT Sector [E-Quality] program. A national initiative to empower women to pursue advanced ICT careers and to create gender-sensitive workplace. The program brought Cisco's Networking Academy curriculum, NetAcad, to 14 high schools and universities in Jordan. Including my university, The University of Jordan.

As a beneficiary from their program back in 2012, I got contacted by Cisco recently. They asked if they could write an Impact Story about my journey from the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Jordan to where I am today, and I of course gladly welcomed the request!

The story got published live last Thursday on the Cisco CSR site, you can read it in full here:


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