Monday 28 April 2014

Sorting Algorithms in .NET

It is always good to go back to basics! I was recently revising the main sorting algorithms that we studied back at university and I tried to implement my own version. When I looked up different implementations on the internet, I could not find a complete set written in .NET; so I decided to come up with my own.

I open-sourced my implementation on GitHub; hoping that it will be beneficial to other people and learners as well. The algorithms I chose to implement are:

1. Bubble Sort [O(n^2)].
2. Counting Sort [O(m+n)].
3. Heap Sort [O(n log(n))].
4. Insertion Sort [O(n^2)].
5. Merge Sort [O(n log(n))].
6. Quick Sort [O(n log(n))].
7. Selection Sort [O(n^2)].

    The sorting-algorithms-dotnet repo can be accessed on my GitHub by following this link:

    Happy learning! :)


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