Friday 26 August 2016

I am a 2016 TechWomen Emerging Leader!

I am very proud to share that I am a 2016 Emerging Leader with TechWomen.

I will be spending 4 weeks in Silicon Valley, followed by one week of program activities and official meetings in Washington D.C., between September 11th and October 17th of this year.

I am also very proud to be spending my mentorship at Juniper Networks. My mentor is Lisa Ramirez, who has extensive experience across different big companies in the valley like Apple, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Juniper. I cannot wait until I meet her in person and we begin this journey together! :)

My official TechWomen profile:

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“It all started when I developed my own personal website at the age of 15. It was very simple, built with FrontPage, but it felt like magic. As I grew up, I started to notice the importance of technology and the way it has transformed lives around me. This made me love it even more, and I decided to study computer engineering to learn more about it.” – #ELoftheDay Diana. Read more, and meet other ELs: #techwomen16 #womeninSTEM #Jordan #IT #computerscience #computerengineer

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