Saturday 3 June 2017

Dubai Skyline

As I was sitting on a bench beholding the beauty of Dubai skyline and watching the dancing fountain while reading a book, a young man approached and pointed to ask if he could sit on the bench beside me. I said "sure". Moments later, I started hearing scratching sound. I looked over and there he was, copy-pasting the view in front of us in his sketchbook. Less than an hour later, this piece of art was finished.

He is a travelling street artist from Uzbekistan, doesn't speak English or Arabic, yet somehow made me follow him on Instagram [check him @sonatos_tumtorato_art] and showed me a World Map to point to where I am from. I, after several tries, managed to make him hold his painting to take a picture of it with the original skyline in the background! :) #JustLittleThings


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