Friday 30 March 2018

Lost and [Not] Found

I lost my watch in an Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC).
You guessed it, the probability of this happening is somewhere near zero. And since we have cameras everywhere in Amazon FCs; the supervisor suggested I go to security and ask them to pull up monitoring footage to find out where I lost my watch.
- Security: let’s go back in time and draw the timeline of events.
- Me: *gave him full details*.
- Security: will pull up the tapes and watch!
Half an hour later..
- Me: so?
- Security: I believe you weren’t wearing your watch in the FC. It does not show up on camera.
- Me: why am I wearing white sleeves today? My watch is white too! It’s so hard to see it on camera this way!
- Security: I know! I guess you just didn’t have it on. Hotel maybe?
- Me: so, here is the thing. I know I had it for sure because my phone broke yesterday and I could check the time only on my watch. I honestly don’t care about the watch; but whenever I travel, my mom asks me to be 200% alert. I just wanna make sure that what I recalled is correct. That I was fully aware. That the events and timings are accurate. I don’t wanna think that I’ve failed my mom, or myself.
- Security: let’s watch the videos together. What time did you arrive here?
- Me: I badged in at the FC at 7:35 a.m.
- Security [checking records]: correct.
- Me: I went to the office to put my stuff then headed to the station. I was wearing my watch.
- Security [zooming in in in]: oh, there you go! I finally see the white watch!!
- Me: *victory dance*.
- Me: 8:30 we took a break and I left the station to go to the office.
- Security: correct.
- Me: on the way back, I was having a *very serious* argument [read: "friendly fight"] with a colleague. I tend to move my hands and probably roll up my sleeves in such cases!
- Security: oh there you go! #TheBodyLanguageThough #Haha
- Me: I didn’t go to the restroom or anything. After the break I headed back directly from the office to the station. It was 9:10 a.m. and I didn’t have my watch.
- Security: that’s correct.
- Me: thank you! I loved that watch, but I am ok now. I did not fail myself or my mom, and this is what matters. I guess we will never know what happened.
The End.
That’s it! There was a second in the video when I had the watch on, a couple of seconds later it was no longer on my wrist. And, literally, nothing happened in between those two points of time.
Magic? Welcome to Vegas.
(1) Watching yourself doing work on camera is pretty cool [and embarrassing :)].
(2) Watching yourself arguing with someone on camera is pretty way cooler [and more embarrassing :)]. #TrueStory
(3) Paparazzi is real.
(4) Part of me is still in Vegas, quite literally. #WhatDisappearsInVegasStaysInVegas
(5) But, did I take it off and put it somewhere while I was having that argument? THAT didn’t show up on camera! Hmm.
(6) Karma is a bit*h.


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